About us.

Based in Cannock , Staffordshire, we have been serving the Staffordshire and West Midland counties with our operations.

Matt Dutton- Founder of Drone Media Productions.

Hi, I’m Matt and I love flying all things RC! With over 10 years RC experience and a full Operational Authorisation from the CAA, I am fully capable of safe, prepared flights for your commercial or private projects. I’ve worked in Norway, Scotland, and around the UK on various project shoots, and assisted some big names such as BBC, BGT to name a few.

I’m a born again Christian, and I found my faith through my closest friend. I truly believe I wouldn’t be doing the work that I love without being a true believer in Jesus Christ. My faith has helped me forge great long lasting business relationships. My business ethos is based on the morals ingrained in me from my faith.